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Xcel’s Newest Decision: Wait Until 2028 For Significant New Renewable Energy

To write to Xcel’s Board of Directors, send an email to

Despite clear evidence of looming excess capacity, Xcel Energy proceeded to bring on-line in 2010 the new, 750 MW Comanche 3 coal plant in Pueblo, CO – of which Xcel owns 500 MW. Now the new coal plant, and other investments in fossil fuel resources, are “filling Xcel’s plate” and crowding out new renewable energy opportunities despite thousands of megawatts of fully-engineered wind and solar projects just waiting to be built.

On page 13, lines 5-9 from the direct testimony of Xcel witness Kurt Haeger in the 2011 Resouce Plan filing (attached below), Xcel will not need significant new renewable energy until approximately 2028. Seventeen years is a long time to wait!

Also, Xcel does not project a need for any new generation (renewable or fossil fuel-based) as it has many  expiring Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) that can be used to fulfill the projected 292 MW of capacity need projected for 2018 (see page 4, lines 12-21).

Furthermore,  Xcel is currently deciding whether or not not to invest $250 million in extending the life of the 500 MW Pawnee coal plant in Brush, CO  until 2041 by adding pollution controls (as it has applied to do in Docket 11A-325E.)  The addition of the pollution controls would extend the coal burn in Colorado and further limit renewable energy opportunities.

If you would rather see investments in wind and solar instead of in last century’s coal plants, and not wait until 2028 to start growing Colorado’s wind and solar industries again, send your thoughts to

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Kurt Haeger’s Direct Testimonial (Xcel witness), 2011 98 kb
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