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USGS: Recent Earthquakes “Almost Certainly Manmade”

A recent study done by the US Geological Survey (USGS), published by Seismological Society of America, states that the recent increase in hydraulic fracturing may be directly correlated to the increased number of earthquakes.

According to the study led by US Geological Survey geophysicist William Ellsworth, the recent surge of earthquakes since 2001 near oil and gas extraction operations is “almost certainly man-made.” In 1991- 2001 oil and gas companies drilled 245,000 wells in the U.S. compared to 405,000 wells between 2001 and 2010 — a 65% increase.

Between the states of Alabama to Montana there were 134 earthquakes last year, which is a sixfold increase compared to the levels of earth quakes in the 20th century. The scientists believe that the increase in earthquakes is because of the increase of drilling sites along with the increase of fluid being injected into the ground.

For the USGS study visit here

For original article, please visit: The Environmental Working Group 

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