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From the Board President

Julie Zahniser, CEA Board President

All rights reserved dgrinbergs

All rights reserved dgrinbergs

To Clean Energy Action Supporters,

We at Clean Energy Action want to thank you for your interest, involvement and support. We welcome everyone ― concerned citizens, environmental activists, faith community stewards, elected officials, clean energy industry members, students. The Climate Change challenge has never been more obvious or critical!

2012 has been another amazing year for Clean Energy Action. We have grown in our board, our staff, our sources of support, and our effectiveness. In April, RJ Harrington, Jr. joined CEA as Executive Director and things have been hopping ever since! RJ has added two talented folks to his team:  Lauren Stanford, our Organizational Assistant, and Zane Selvans, our Research Assistant who has joined forces with CEA’s incredible co-founder and Research Director, Leslie Glustrom. The CEA staff is a force to be reckoned with!

CEA has doggedly stuck to its relatively narrow fields of focus: the reduction of coal-fired power production and encouragement of renewable energy opportunities. We have held fast to our commitment

to fact-based decisions, policy recommendations, and actions. Our research team has continued to dig deep to excavate coal cost, resource constraint, risk assessment, and utility rate data in order to break fossil fuel barriers and promote clean energy implementation.

We have continued to educate widely-varied audiences. While our monthly Global Warming Solutions Speaker series brought respected and inspiring local and national experts to Boulder, CEA’s leadership team spoke at renewable energy conferences around the country. Our research team’s reports and findings have contributed to articles in respected journals, national on-line and print media, and industry reports as well as regulatory agency discussions. Civic leaders and advocacy groups from numerous communities and states have come to us for strategic support, guidance and resources to mobilize their clean energy agendas. These  accomplishments underscore the potential for bringing about change through grass roots efforts.

In addition to being at the tip of the education spear, CEA has recognized the far-reaching value of “collective impact.”  We have engaged with other Colorado leaders to find common ground on which to build economic drivers and legislative opportunities that will more rapidly transition Colorado to a clean renewable energy economy while keeping in mind concerns of segments of the population that will need support during this transition. As many tipping points emerge across the state and country, we are hoping to be well-positioned to move forward rapidly.

The work ahead is daunting, however, CEA is committed to staying the course. Powered by spirit, volunteer enthusiasm, and the generous support of like-minded individuals, we will continue to operate from a “what needs to be done” instead of a “what can be done” perspective. Quite literally, “the sky is the limit” when it comes to our clean energy goals. As a non-profit organization, Clean Energy Action exists to move our community, state and country forward along the path to improved quality of life for all. We hope to do even more and better work in the future. I hope that you will join us in bringing about the real changes that we all agree are absolutely essential.

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