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Critical Issues

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Clean Energy Action has identified critical issues at the state and national level that play a particularly significant role in the transition to a post-fossil-fuel world built on clean energy solutions.

Coal and Fossil Fuel Dependency

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Colorado Energy Issues

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  1. Mike Wilson #


    I would like to offer two views that may be solutions for Boulders clean energy efforts. Today, Solar Reserve announced two 100MW solar thermal power tower projects in the San Louis valley that I feel could offer the most effective solution to electric power production with 16 hrs of off light on demand power. This could be the beginning of renewable energy freedom for Boulder.

    The other idea I have is a “Green Credit” concept, to start first with tracking Boulder’s usage, so you could have a solid concept of how much power you need and then offer a local credit program at local stores for adoption of green power systems. This could not only work but be a trend setter, maybe even for Oakland! Think about a buck credit for a kW/hr produced on your home or business ! Suddenly clean energy makes since to the masses in a really rough economic market.


    Solar Wilson

    April 4, 2012

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