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Clean Energy Action is currently working on three main programs that will educate people of all ages about the importance of renewable energy from an economic and environmental standpoint, reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, create social and economic transparency in the coal industry, and inspire citizen power.

The programs are:

  1. Adult Education – One of our main goals is to educate adults in the community on the importance of moving past coal, switching to clean, renewable energy sources, and reducing energy consumption. There are several layers to our adult education program: the Global Warming Solutions Speaker Series, Boulder’s Municipal Utility Effort, and researching and reporting on the economic and environmental downfalls of fossil fuels. On October 30th, 2013, Clean Energy Action published its third coal report, “Warning: Faulty Reporting of U.S. Coal Reserves,” which uses data to drive home that our economically recoverable coal reserves are running on empty. We need your help to spread the information worldwide.
  2. Youth Education – “From Fire to Photosynthesis” (FFP) is the new and exciting youth education program that Clean Energy Action is developing. FFP explores human energy systems within the context of the energy flows and living systems of Earth as a whole and teaches specific energy principles in new and engaging ways. One of the key elements of our program is the incorporation of an energy bicycle, used by the children to power different types of electronics. The energy bicycle gives them a physical picture of the different amounts of energy it takes to power a light bulb compared to a hair drier.
  3. Carbon Fee Initiative – Putting a price on carbon has become a panacea for climate change in the minds of some, and is seen as necessary, if not sufficient, to many others. Because of this, Clean Energy Action is educating the community on our vision of a carbon fee and how it can effectively be used in Colorado. Rather than using the revenue for income tax neutrality, as proposed by think tanks and some policymakers, our version uses the revenues to create energy sector neutrality. By funding renewable energy mitigation efforts with the money generated, Colorado will drive down emissions, and move away from fossil fuels like coal and natural gas, integrating higher levels of cost saving energy efficiency and renewable energy generation.

If you would like more information or to have us give a presentation in your community, please contact us by calling (720) 985-7554 or emailing

It is thanks to people like you who support our mission that we can continue to move the planet towards a future powered by renewable energy sources. Please consider helping us continue our programs by supporting us with a recurring donation through

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